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EXCURSIONS in santa maria navarrese

cala goloritze

Cala Goloritze''

Goloritze Beach is a true natural monument in the contest of the Orosei Gulf, that’s because of the prohibition for all kind of big and medium-sized boats to entry it. Its main characteristic undoubtedly is the impossible to compare scenery: the Punta Carossi spire elevates 150 meters above the coastal line.

cala mariolu

Cala Mariolu

One of the most spectacular Mediterranean beaches, this sand paradise is surrounded by a low sandstone layer, protecting it from the waves and making a natural landing out of it. Mariolu Beach is a wide beach located in the middle of steep natural walls, gently facing a beautiful sea. Its crystal-clear water, their deep blue color and the tiny white pebbles will give you a true relaxing sensation while you’re enjoying a walk by the beach.

cala gabbiani

Cala dei Gabbiani

Seagulls Beach is a more tranquil and sheltered section of the latter, the more widely famous Mariolu Beach. This area can only be reached by boat or by feet, and it doesn’t contain any touristic service or building: this aspect makes it perfect for those who want to fully enjoy nature in its silence and peace. You’ll only have the soft sound of the waves “disturbing” you.

cala briala

Cala Biriala

This area can easily make you think about a paradise on earth, especially thanks to its arched rocks surrounding, embracing the tiny beach. The sea is extremely clear and it has hundreds of beautiful shades of blue, so that it can embody the dream of every snorkeling and scuba diving lover.

cala luna

Cala Luna

Moon Beach is full of natural untouched elements, a true paradise of crystal clear and deep blue waters, with an impressing white sand and a very rich Mediterranean flora, which includes all the typical Orosei Gulf species. 
West of the beach you can also find a small natural soft water lake, while North of the Moon Beach are located five caves where you can give yourself some rest, other than explore them and look for the best scenery and spectacular viewpoints of the near beach.