Trips to Cala Biriola in Santa Maria Navarrese

Beach made for scuba diving and trekking lovers

This area can easily make you think about a paradise on earth, especially thanks to its arched rocks surrounding, embracing the tiny beach. The sea is extremely clear and it has hundreds of beautiful shades of blue, so that it can embody the dream of every snorkeling and scuba diving lover.
The wood located above Cala Biriola is rich in footpaths and walkways and it’s only suitable for expert trekkers: some traits are quite hard to pass, but your effort will be paid after and rewarded by the view of the charming tiny beach covered in white pebbles, nestling in between of the high cliffs.
If you want to reach it you can rely on our trips to Cala Biriola in Santa Maria Navarrese. Theitinerary leading to this beach( if you want to go by feet) is not so simple due to the difference in level you have to face: for this reason it’ is easier and quicker to reach it with one of our comfortable boats.

This beach, rich in natural elements, is perfect for:
- young people
- families with children
- scuba divers
- who loves snorkeling
- those who like trekking
- those who love to free climb
- who likes climbing

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