Trips to Cala dei Gabbiani
in Santa Maria Navarrese

Beach suiting young couples and families with children

Cala dei Gabbiani is a more tranquil and sheltered section of the more widely famous Cala Mariolu. This area can only be reached by boat with the trips to Seagals Beach in Santa Maria Navarrese or by feet, and it doesn’t contain any touristic service or building: this aspect makes it perfect for those who want to fully enjoy nature in its silence and peace. You’ll only have the soft sound of the waves “disturbing” you. A long walk into Cala dei Gabbiani will truly worth it: the waters of this particular place are crystal clear, with blue and green shades. The seabed reflects the sunlight thanks to the layer of tiny white pebbles covering the underwater ground.

Cala dei Gabbiani and also a part of Cala Mariolu are surrounded by rocks and reefs, and also by the rich and perfumed Mediterranean nature. This is a beach for children too: they can play safe because the seabed is clear and it’s not at all deep.

This beach, rich in natural elements, is perfect for:
- young people
- families with children
- scuba divers
- who loves snorkeling
- those who like trekking
- those who love to free climb
- bird watching lovers

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