Trips in Cala Goloritzè in Santa Maria Navarrese

Opportunity to go for snorkeling and scuba diving

Cala Goloritzè is a true natural monument in the contest of the Orosei Gulf, that’s because of the prohibition for all kinds of big and medium-sized boats to enter it. Its main characteristic is undoubtedly the “impossible” to compare scenery: the Punta Carossi spire raises 150 meters above the coastal line.

Cala Goloritzè though, can be reached on board of our small boats: here you’ll be able to observe colorful Mediterranean nature and light blue sea, extremely clear, where birdshover all over the sky, and you’ll also have the chance to do some animal watching of the typical local species.
The waters of this beach are truly crystal clear and beautifully blue, and the sea bottom is full of tiny white pebbles caressing your feet: this scenery makes it perfect for those who like scuba diving.
We can tell you for sure that Cala Goloritzèis one of the Sardinia’s most stunning beaches, and probably it’s even one of the most sought after in the whole Mediterranean.

Furthermore, who loves to climb, must try to climb up Punta Goloritze, which is very close to this beach, in order to challenge yourself and your fitness, other than to observe the extremely rare hawks populating this area.

The trips to Cala Goloritzè in Santa Maria Navarrese will take you to a beautiful beach, rich in natural elements, suiting all kinds of tourists, such as:

- young people
- family with children
- scuba divers
- lovers of snorkeling
- lovers of trekking
- those who love to climb
- bird watching fans
- free climbing fans

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