Trips to Cala Luna in Santa Maria Navarrese

Blue and crystal-clear water, white sand and Mediterannean nature

Very famous for its oleanders and for the caves located along the sandy shore, the trips to Cala Luna in Santa Maria Navarrese are only on demand.
Right after Cala Luna you’ll find Cala Sisine, dominated by the “Punta Plummare” (literally “lead to the sea”), with its 415 meters above the sea level it’is the second highest European cliff.
Cala Luna, treasure of the Baunei Coast, is a heavenly beach, nestled between the sea and the mountains, situated on the Baunei and Dorgali territory border. Cala Luna (Moon Beach) was named in ancestral times, when shepherds had to bear an eight or nine hours long walk in order to get to the beach from the Baunei town center.
Moon Beach is full of natural untouched elements, a true paradise of crystal clear and deep blue waters, with an impressing white sand and a very rich Mediterranean flora, which includes all the typical Orosei Gulf species.
West of the beach you can also find a small natural soft water lake, while North of the Moon Beach are located five caves where you can give yourself some rest, other than explore them and look for the best scenery and spectacular viewpoints of the near beach. You can also find marked routes onto the cliffs, some of them are even equipped for the climbers.
In Cala Luna you’ll get in touch with the rich nature: both the famous oleanders, part of the beautiful Mediterranean flora, and the animal population.

If you enjoy to watch untouched nature in its belonging region, catch your binoculars up, because in this area you’ll have many chance to observe golden eagles and hawks.

This beach, rich in natural elements, is perfect for:
- young people
- families with children
- scuba divers
- who loves snorkeling
- those who like trekking
- those who love to free climb
- who likes climbing
- bird watching lovers

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